Book Exchange

Hey guys!! Hope you are all having a great friday so far!! It’s really hot here 99F right now, maybe a too hot for me, to go into the pool!! lol…But a good day to stay in and read. 🙂 I went to Target this week (which is never a good idea, I always end up buying stuff I don’t need), I ended buying lots of new books!!!

I am always looking for new books to read, other than science books for school…so I went on Pinterest/NY Times best seller list to find reviews of various novels. While on searching I found this really cool photo that I thought I would share with all of you!!


Book Exchange in London

It’s call the second hand book exchange!! I think that whoever created this idea is a genius!! They turned old telephone boothes in the UK into miniature libraries! All you have to do is take a book and leave one behind. Especially in a time where practically everyone has a cell phone this is a neat and great idea. I wish we had had telephone boothes where I lived.



Book Exchange in Germany

I also found a site for a e-book exchange if you are a kindle user!

Check it out if you are interested in exchanging the e-books you have for a new one!! They have all the details on the website!!