Phantom of the Opera

I love musicals and operas!! I find them so moving and beautiful. I love how the stories are told through music, and I admire all the details and talent it takes to create an opera.

The Phantom of the Opera is my favorite musical of all time!! I have seen two live performances of the play, in London at the Queens Theater, and in Las Vegas at the Venetian Hotel. They were both amazing, but I preferred the show in London, the set and infamous chandelier were breathtaking!!
I also own four different movies based off of the play.
The 25th Anniversary Edition of The Phantom of the Opera live at the Royal Albert Hall was added to my collection today! (I may have slight obsession).

The Phantom 25th Anniversary stars Sierra Boggess and Ramin Karimloo who play Christine Daae and the Phantom-the Phantom of the Opera, alongside Hadley Fraiser as Raoul. This recreation contained a whole new set, with amazing props and set decorations, and amazing vocals!!! Every time I hear Ramin Karimloo’s voice it makes me week in the knees, his portrayal of the Phantom was brilliant! Sierra and Hadley were also amazing and also have beautiful voices. I was lucky and had the opportunity to see Ramin and Sierra preform in Love Never Dies, the sequel to the Phantom of the Opera created by Andrew Loyd Webber. I will write about that another time!

I hope that you find the 25th Anniversary Phantom dvd as beautiful as I did!!!
Hope you enjoy!!


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