Fujifilm instax portable printer quick review



This is basically what it says it is, a Polaroid printer. It takes your pictures from your smartphone and develops them into a polaroid. It’s obviously not an hd quality photo, but to me the quality is still pretty good for a quick, fast and easy print, perfect for parties, scrapbooks, journals, etc. And it is a great accessory to travel with if your like to make travel journals.

I love it! I have already gone through one box of film (which isn’t that hard to do since you only get 10 pictures in each film box). The only downside to me about this product is the price of the film which can average to about $15 per box depending on where you buy it. I found the best deals for the printer and the film to be on amazon.

Another downside to this printer is that the instructions are pretty confusing. If you do purchase this product, what you need to do first is download the app (instax share), then turn on the printer. Go to your phones wifi settings and leave your current wifi and join the printers wifi and then open the app. The rest is pretty straight forward, and the app gives you directions on how to go about printing and editing your photos.

All in all I recommend this printer, if you are look for a fun and cute splurge. The prints are fun and do take a little time to develop, so don’t be worried if your print stays white for a few minutes, your picture will show :). If you do purchase this printer I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do!

Here is a link to the one I bought!

Fujifilm Instax Share PrinterĀ 

ps: This is not a sponsored post, this is just my personal opinion of this product, this product is not for everyone, and I advise to try it out to see if this product is for you.

Colored Denim!

Usually when you think of winter fashion you think blacks, grays, and browns and summer you think of bright colors. I know that is usually the trend, colored denim has been slowly emerging itself into winter fashion trends, and I am finding myself becoming a colored denim lover/junkie. I know that wearing colored pants can be a little intimidating and scary, but if worn and chosen correctly, you can transition these bold pants into a cute and fashionable winter outfit. Here’s how!!!

photo 1-6-2

Choose more muted colors: A more muted color looks best for a daytime look, but if you are feeling a little daring you might want to try something brighter like pink or red denim for a more dramatic nighttime look. I prefer to wear my pink jeans during the day and switch it up and wear my darker maroon denim jeans for a nighttime look. Pick colored denim based off colors that appeal to you, try to stay away from neon colors if your not used to wearing colored pants.

Wear them with an oversized sweater: Pairing your colored denim with a black, grey, or white cozy sweater is a comfy, cute winter look that you’ll love! You can transition the outfit from day to night buy adding some accessories and pear of cute heals.

Mix in a scarf: Chunky scarves are my favorite accessory to pair with my colored denim. Scarves are a great accessory for winter and mixing them with a colored denim balance and complete a cute winter outfit. If you like chunky scarves I advise to buy them in a neutral color, otherwise it makes you look a little heavier, but if your like thinner scarves, muted patterns are really pretty.

Pair with boots: The best easiest way to winterize your colored denim is to pair them with boots or booties. Boots are a great winter accessory and add a different texture and vibe to your outfit making the outfit look more fit for winter than summer. I love to pair my denim with my hunter rain boots!!

Patterns: Don’t be afraid to try patterned pants. Pair them with knee hight boots for just a pop of pattern, with a neutral top, and minimal jewelry. When you have all of that going on, there isn’t too much of a need for many accessories.

photo 2-7-2