Winter/ Holiday outfits and accessories

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Winter is my favorite time of the year because of all the accessories. I love hats, and scarves and boots!!

Here are some of my of my favorite pieces so far, along with some looks on how I gear up for this holiday season! Hope you enjoy!!

photo 2 (2)-2

Hat: Grey woven hat with a bow on the side by Nicole Marciano

Earrings: Holiday santa earrings like the one shown below

photo 1 (3)

Earrings: Holiday Santa earrings that I got from a store called Francesscas, I don’t know if this store is in every mall, if you do have one check it out, they sell some very cute and pretty pieces!

photo 2 (3)-2

Ring: Vintage heart ring that I bought from etsy! I will post the link below
Gold diamond ring, that my mom brought back for me from India

photo 1 (4)

Holiday Nails with glitter french tips and a holly berry design!

cute sweaters that are affordable for this winter season:
Kohl’s is usually my go to place for everyday outfits, it allows me to save up to buy one expensive piece from a designer, but still allowing me the option to shop for more clothes without putting a huge dent in my bank account!

Here are some sweaters/outfits that are perfect for this holiday season! Just add a coat, gloves, and your favorite pair of boots for a more perfect winter outfit.

photo (1)-2

Sweater: Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s
Pants: Dark navy jeans by Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s

photo 1 (1)-2

Sweater: Vintage Red Sweater I think my mom bought from Macys 10+ years ago
Pants: Lace printed black jeans by Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s
Shirt: Black Camisole by Sanoma at Kohl’s

photo 5 (4)

Sweater: Open gold and black sweater from Macy’s
Leggings: Black burned velvet leggings by BlackMilk clothing
Purse: fushia shoulder bag by Tommy Hilfiger

photo 5 (5)

Hat: Kohl’s
Pants: navy Jeans by Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s
Socks: Gingerbread man socks, I don’t remember where I bought them because they are about six our seven years old and I only wear them in December
Sweater: Red sequin sweater from Macy’s, I’m not sure who it’s by I accidentally cut the tag off, but I just bought it recently so it should still be in stock if you look around at your local Macy’s
Earrings: Peppermint earrings from Francessca’s, It’s a little boutique at the mall

photo 4 (2)

Sunglasses: By Chloe

DIY Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Tutorial!

Happy Friday Everyone! With Halloween coming up, the month of costume parties is here! I don’t personally get a chance to go all out for Halloween, I wish I could, it’s always fun to play dress up for a couple of hours! But I wanted to share with all of you an easy DIY Sugar Skull look that I did last week to get into the Halloween Spirit. This is a really simple way to go all out for costume, since most of the look is in the face makeup.

This is my first tutorial ever, so I hope that it makes sense. I tried to make it as easy and uncomplicated as possible.

This is my take on the sugar skull. I wanted my Sugar skull to look less scary and intense and more cute and colorful.

Thank you!! I hope you all enjoy my first tutorial, and make sure you have fun with your makeup!!

photo 2-4


photo 2-8

Step 1: Prime your face, eyes, and apply chapstick to your lips.

I had already applied some lotion to my face before applying my primer. Make sure you prime your whole face since your are using face paint (which can be very drying) so the primer protects your skin and keeps the moisture in.

photo 3-6

Step 2: Take your light colored foundation and mix a little bit of it together with your white face paint.

Using any foundation brush apply it to your whole face avoiding your eyes and lips. (I used a cheap face paint brand that came in a kit, which was a little to dry, so I advise buying one that is a little bit of a better quality if you plan on wearing this look for more than a couple of hours.)

photo 4-6

p.s: use makeup wipes to clean up any mess you get on your hands and brushes as you go along 🙂

photo 1-6

Step 3: take any translucent powder and set your white face mask.

I used a pressed one, but a translucent powder would work just as 5-2 Step 4: Using your black face paint, and paint panda eyes.

For me the best and easiest way to do this was to outline the hallows of my eyes and fill them in.

Step 5: take a black eyeshadow and gently pat it over your panda eyes to set the face paint.

This helps to set the paint to prevent it form running and smudging.

photo 3.PNGStep 6: Add dimension to your eyes.

Take a pinky red eyeshadow and apply it to your under eye over the black.

Take a blue color and add that to the inner corner of your eye, as well as the center of your lid. To add some glow to your eyes.

photo 1-8

 Doing this step will all more depth to your face and will look beautiful once your face is done, and in photos!

p.s: I used the Urban Decay electric palette for this part, because I have a slight obsession with this palette right now, but you can use any blue and red for this part.

photo 2.PNGNow for the fun part… Decorating!!

Step 7: Draw a spider web on your forehead.

Using a black eyeliner sketch out your spider web. To darken up the web take your black liquid liner and go over the lines.

Take a q-tip and smudge out the lines to soften up the web.

photo 1-9

(sorry for the scary eye picture) :{

Step 8: Decorate your face however you want!

I looked up various pictures on pinterest to find different ideas on how I wanted to decorate. Their is no wrong way, have fun with it and go crazy!

photo 2-11

photo 3-7

Step 9: Draw out your skull nose.

I wanted something basic and kind of similar to my actual nose. But I think that drawing out a more skull like nose would complete this look more.

photo 2-12

 Here are some of the steps I did took to decorate my face.

photo 3-8

photo 4-7

Step 10: Lips

I used a fuchsia pink lip stick and went over it with a red orange lip gloss.

photo 1-10

 Here is my final look makeup look!!!!


Step 11: Now for the accessories!

For the headpiece I re-used my poinsettia DIY headband from last year and paired it with a floral vintage scarf, but a black lace scarf would also be really cute. I was looking for another way to wear this headband other than for the month of December, and this look was the perfect way!

Take your scarf and drape it over your head in a way that covers the back of your head, an then place the head band over the top, like a crown. You might have to play with it a little till you get your desired look.

Pair this with a black dress and Voila’ you have a cute sugar skull costume!

If you recreate this look I would love to see what you created so post a picture in the comments section below, or hashtag #paarusjetaime on instagram!!



Summer Look-book new outfit!

Hi everyone!! Happy Thursday!! It’s taken me so long to find the perfect maxi dress. Every time  I try one on they are either too long, make me look pregnant (because I have big boobs).. and they just don’t look right. I finally figured out that I need to look for midi dresses because maxi is all wrong for a petit person!! I finally found one that I love and during the summer I grab every chance I can to wear this beautiful dress!

photo 3

photo 1

Dress: Lauren Conrad (sold out) at Kohl’s

Shoes(even though you can’t see them): Michael Kohrs black zip up wedges

Cute Outfits

 I live in Seattle so the weather can sometimes be all over the place. So here are some outfits that I have put  together for those days in spring/summer that are not too warm and the nights can be a bit crisp.

photo 1 (1)

Sweater: Pac Sun striped sweater
Leggings: American Apparel

photo 2 (3)

Sweater: An old sweater I got from Macy’s a couple of years ago, the tag was cut off (it was a little itchy) but I think it was by the company bar III, I paired it with a black tank top underneath

Leggings: Topshop

Necklace: vingtage

photo 3 (4)

I didn’t actually wear the scarf, I just added it into the picture 🙂

Bracelet: Lucky Brand
Leggings: Topshop
Sweater: 3/4 sleave from Candies at Kohls
Scarf: Love quotes teal scarf

photo 5

Sweater: Black sweater from Forever 21
Scarf: White sheer Burnout from Target
Leggings: American Apparel

photo 4 (1)

Sweater: White button up from Forever 21
Shirt: black camisole from Kohl’s
Leggings: American Apparel

The glasses that I am wearing in all of these photos is a vintage Anne Klein black frame 🙂

Enjoy and thank you for visiting my blog!!!!


cute not to warm weather outfits!

photo 4 (2)

Sweater: brown sweater from the GAP
Pants: grey pants with velvet printed flowers from Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s
Top: black camisole from Sanoma at Kohl’s

Wear this outfit with boots or wedges and pair with a cute coat and your ready for an evening out.

photo (11)

Sweater: mint sweater from forever 21
Leggings: Black from American Apparel
Boots: OTBT black boots
Scarf: from Chico’s

photo 1 (9)

Necklace: crystal wire wrapped pendant
Leggings: American Apparel black
Sweater: vintage
Top: Black tee from old navy