Five Creative DIY Gift Wrap Ideas

I love wrapping gifts in unique and cute ways, sure you could always stick wit the usual printed wrapping paper, but I find that I really enjoy coming up with fun new ways to wrap my gifts!! If you love crafting as much as I do, or just want to mix things up, why not try and one of of these creative options!!

1. Wrap your gift in a plain wrapping paper and tie a ribbon around it. Stamp or write the name of the person receive the gift on the gift. It’s a cute and simple way to wrap your gifts!!


2. Map wrapping. Use old maps as unique and different wrapping paper.


3. Mistletoe! Cut leaves out of some construction paper and glue some red puff balls to your wrapped gift. Who doesn’t love mistletoe!! You can get the red puff balls, and the paper at the dollar store. This is more of a Christmas Holiday wrapping. But you can mix it up and add something else to the top of the gift.


4. Wrap your gift in a plane wrapping paper and draw on it. I could be a Christmas Tree, ornaments, or even mistletoe, but I think that the traditional bow sketch below is super cute and easy to do!


5. Santa Wrapping! Wrap in red wrapping paper, and tape a piece of black ribbon around it. Take some gold construction paper and cut out a little square and a smaller square out of that square and stick it to the black ribbon. You have a santa gift!! This is also more of a christmas wrapping but I still love it!


These are just some ideas that I found and loved, but there are so many other cute ways to spruce up your wrapping. Just have fun with it!!

p.s.: I did not take any of the these pictures, I found them off of Pinterest!! If you need other gift wrapping ideas or even gift ideas Pinterest has so many great one!