TBT Venice!

Hey guys!! Happy Throwback Thursday! About three years ago I went to Venice (gosh I miss traveling!!) and I fell in love with it’s beauty and romance. I’ve seen it in pictures and movies (the film Dangerous Beauty is one of my favorites), but there’s no substitute for seeing the city in person. In film’s it’s much more grandeur than it is today, but the crumbling palaces, beautiful art in its churches and museums, the Carnevale make Venice literally a living tribute to the past.

Venice is surrounded by narrow canals and streets spread over more than one hundred islands with gondolas gliding down these watery alleyways to beautiful palazzos emerging to the sea. These twisted and tangled passageways are an amazing attraction, it’s the city to get lost in, especially if you want to find all the cute little bistro’s and coffee shops, and shop at cute little stores to find that perfect Venetian mask.

After you’ve seen all the major sights, close your map and set off wondering. You’ll see pretty and colorful flower boxes hanging off of old windows, and the motorboat traffic on the Grand Canal. You’ll discover the Rialto Bridge, San Marco, and even an amazing glass blowing factory, in this beautiful and enchanting city with no cars.


View from the Rialto Bridge


Directions to Per San Marco


Behind San Marco


The Rialto Bridge, the most famous of the Venice Bridges


Delicious Italian Cannoli and Coffee, a delicious snack as we took a break from our wandering around Venice!


I hope that if and when you visit this enchanting city you call in love with it’s beauty and wonder as much as I did. I would love to know what you thought of Venice!!!