Paris is always a good idea

Throwback Thursday


Oh how I love this city! And it’s not just me, it is one of those iconic cities that every girl wants to visit. The culture, landmarks and experiences are every girl’s fantasy, and what that says about all of us who have this dream is that we are smitten with the romance and idea that Paris has captivated for decades. It’s the city of love and heartbreaks, of brasseries and macaroons, of museums and poets, of fashion and cabarets, and so many other amazing things. One of my biggest dreams was always to visit France. I was always afraid that it wouldn’t be as I had imagined, and be a huge disappointment, but it was everything I had dreamed about and more. Not to sound cliché but in Paris you fall in love!

I visited a little over three years ago and I still have dreams of returning. There was so much that I didn’t get to do, I want to go back so I can sit at a cafe and sketch, maybe take photographs, wonder the streets….I want to explore and do it all! Looking through all my old photos brings back so many wonderful memories, and having more time and my sketchbook to capture this beautiful city through my eyes would be amazing.

Now i’m not an expert in all things French or Parisian, and I only spent a couple of days there but I wanted to share with all of you a couple of the photos I took of Paris!


The Paris Opera House was by far one of my favorites places in Paris. Getting to see it in person, with its giant chandeliers, I can now see why Gaston Leroux chose to use those beauties as the centerpiece and weapon in Phantom of the Opera (which is my all time favorite play!!). My photos can’t even describe how beautiful and breathtaking the Palais Garnier is. I only wish I would have been able to see the underground lake beneath the Opera house, which was also the inspiration for The Phantom of the Opera.
I can’t wait to go back there and watch an Opera…I honestly don’t care what it is!


The Eiffel Tower is definitely a must!! I visited the tower on my first night in Paris and was completely blown away by the view, it’s amazing on every side and level of the tower. I have to say that this was the best part of my trip. Standing at the top of the La Tour Eiffel overlooking the entire city is what what really made me fall in love with Paris. You get to see everything at such a macroscopic level and it just blew my breath away. And watching the light show from the bottom is just as beautiful as the view from the top! My advice for when you visit Paris and the Eiffel Tower is that it does get pretty cold up there so dress warm, and it can get a little terrifying if you, like me, are afraid of heights. I suggest maybe enjoying a glass of wine or something before you head up!?!




Well without giving too much away, that was Paris for me in a nutshell…give me a crepe or pastry and a cup of tea or coffee and I will be a very happy girl!!

I hope you enjoy your Parisian experience as much as I did!