Tangle Teezer mini review

photo 1


The first time I heard of the tangle teezer I thought that it was kind of gimmicky. But one of my friends had purchased one, and she swore by it, said it was the best hair brush she’s ever bought. So I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to try it since it’s also inexpensive, and as it turns out I agree, this brush is amazing! I have naturally really thick, frizzy/curly hair, thats medium long length, and it’s always gotten pretty bad tangles. With this little brush I don’t use a detangler, and it will not rip our and tear my hair no matter how bad my tangles are, and there’s a lot less pain if you have really bad tangles.

All in all it love this brush and it’s my go to hair brush, and I recommend this brush for all women.

here is a link for where I purchased mine if you would like to check it out

Tangle Teaser

photo 4

ps: This is not a sponsored post, this is just my personal opinion of this product, this product is not for everyone, and I advise to try it out to see if this product is for you.

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