How to make Spaghetti Squash!

I have been wanted to make spaghetti squash as a much lighter pasta option for a while now, but I have always been a little bit scared to try and make it. Let’s face it the squash is a little intimidating, it’s heavy, big, and lets face it really difficult to cut!

I was at the grocery store and I saw this and I decided to get over my fear, and get over my not so huge love of squash, and buy it. But as scary as this thing looks, it’s actually really easy to cook. Just place it in a baking pan and pierce a few hole in it with a sharp knife, and put it in the oven.

You can also microwave it for a few minutes and then place it in the oven, for a little bit less baking time. (which is what I did). I also have read that you can microwave the whole thing, but I have not tried that yet, but honestly I prefer to bake it.


Bake 375F for about an hour. Just until you can pierce it easily without resistance with a knife.

Let it cool and then scoop out the seeds.

Then take a fork and scrape away the inside of the squash, and voila you have pretty strands of spaghetti! If it’s still a little hard for you to scrape out the squash, than put it back in the oven for about 10 minutes or so. But don’t let the squash get mushy, taste it, the spaghetti should still have a little bit of a crunch to it.



Once you scrape out all of the spaghetti it should look a little something like this!


And should have a nice big place of spaghetti. One average sized spaghetti squash can make enough spaghetti for about 4-5 people.


I decided to cook mine very simply with a little bit of olive oil, garlic, basil, pepper flakes, parmesan cheese, and a little bit of salt and pepper to taste. I severed it with some chicken breast and an arugula salad.





Full Directions:

Baking time really depends on how big your squash is, if your feeding only a couple of people try getting the smallest one. One squash makes lots of spaghetti!

1. Preheat oven to 375F. Pierce squash a few times with sharp paring knife (to let steam escape). Bake spaghetti squash for 60 minutes, or until a knife pierces easily through skin with little resistance, and cut in half. Let squash cool for 10 minutes. (I microwaved my squash for about 3-4 minutes and than pierced holed and placed in the oven and baked it for about 45 minutes) You don’t have to do this part I just was experimenting and thought it would be a little faster cooking time.

2. Once cooked cut squash in half (lengthwise). Use a spoon to remove and discard the seeds. Take a for and use it to scrape the squash to get long spaghetti noodle strands. If the squash is a little difficult to scrape, return the squash to bake for an additional 10 minutes or so, but don’t let it get mushy. Their should be a slight crunch to your noodles.

3. Cook just like pasta. I cooked it by sautéing some garlic, pepper flakes, and olive oil in a large sauté pan. Then tossed in the spaghetti, basil, salt and pepper. If the spaghetti is too crunchy for you, cover your pan and cook it covered for your about  2-3 minutes.

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