Winter/ Holiday outfits and accessories

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Winter is my favorite time of the year because of all the accessories. I love hats, and scarves and boots!!

Here are some of my of my favorite pieces so far, along with some looks on how I gear up for this holiday season! Hope you enjoy!!

photo 2 (2)-2

Hat: Grey woven hat with a bow on the side by Nicole Marciano

Earrings: Holiday santa earrings like the one shown below

photo 1 (3)

Earrings: Holiday Santa earrings that I got from a store called Francesscas, I don’t know if this store is in every mall, if you do have one check it out, they sell some very cute and pretty pieces!

photo 2 (3)-2

Ring: Vintage heart ring that I bought from etsy! I will post the link below
Gold diamond ring, that my mom brought back for me from India

photo 1 (4)

Holiday Nails with glitter french tips and a holly berry design!

cute sweaters that are affordable for this winter season:
Kohl’s is usually my go to place for everyday outfits, it allows me to save up to buy one expensive piece from a designer, but still allowing me the option to shop for more clothes without putting a huge dent in my bank account!

Here are some sweaters/outfits that are perfect for this holiday season! Just add a coat, gloves, and your favorite pair of boots for a more perfect winter outfit.

photo (1)-2

Sweater: Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s
Pants: Dark navy jeans by Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s

photo 1 (1)-2

Sweater: Vintage Red Sweater I think my mom bought from Macys 10+ years ago
Pants: Lace printed black jeans by Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s
Shirt: Black Camisole by Sanoma at Kohl’s

photo 5 (4)

Sweater: Open gold and black sweater from Macy’s
Leggings: Black burned velvet leggings by BlackMilk clothing
Purse: fushia shoulder bag by Tommy Hilfiger

photo 5 (5)

Hat: Kohl’s
Pants: navy Jeans by Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s
Socks: Gingerbread man socks, I don’t remember where I bought them because they are about six our seven years old and I only wear them in December
Sweater: Red sequin sweater from Macy’s, I’m not sure who it’s by I accidentally cut the tag off, but I just bought it recently so it should still be in stock if you look around at your local Macy’s
Earrings: Peppermint earrings from Francessca’s, It’s a little boutique at the mall

photo 4 (2)

Sunglasses: By Chloe

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