Easy/quick Halloween decorations!

Happy Halloween Month Everyone!

I love decorating for various seasons and holidays, but with a busy schedule, a budget, and a small apartment, it’s a little difficult to find time and space. I have a small corner that I decorate to get into the spirit of whatever season. The dollar section at Target, the dollar store, and Michael’s are my go to shops for holiday shopping.

Here is a list of the items I used to put a little bit of the Halloween spirit in my home!!

  • Pumpkins: since I can’t carve pumpkins I bought a couple of mini orange and white ones from the grocery store. They usually range for about $1-$2
  • Little Cafe of Horrors/Haunted Roller Coster: I picked these up on sale at Michael’s arts & Crafts a couple of weeks ago. They are a foam DIY kit. I only picked up these two to build, but they have many other ones. approximately $9 each
  • Black Spooky Knitted runner: net runner that I picked up at the dollar store
  • Blue LED lights: battery operated lights from the dollar section at Target. But since Christmas is around the corner they have so many different types of lights out on sale now!!

This is just my way of a really simple and cute way to decorate for Halloween!! I hope that you all enjoy!!

xoxo thank you for visiting!!

photo 1-3 photo 3 photo 2-4

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