Uses for Vaseline

I already did a Uses for Vicks VapoRub positing, so I thought I would do a Vaseline posting. Some of these are fairly common knowledge, I think, but often forgotten uses. I hope that you enjoy and take away some helpful natural new ways to use Vaseline! You might be surprised by some of these!!


photo 4-5

1. Longer eyelashes: Lather Vaseline all over your eyelashes overnight and it will help to thicken them.

2. Remove stubborn Makeup: Apply to a Q-tip and gently rub on those makeup spots that are just too stubborn to remove.

3. Help your scent stick around: Rub all over your perfume points (i.e. the cleavage, behind the ear, neck, and wrist) and your scent will stick to the vaseline and last longer!

4. Chapped Lips: Apply to your lips as a deep moistening conditioner. You can even turn it into lip gloss by adding a little Kool-Aid powder mix to it!

5.  Dry Cuticles and hands: Rub on your all over you cuticles and hands to apply and keep the moisture in your hands.

6. Softer Skin: It doesn’t clear your pores, and it helps to keep in moisture and soften your skin.

7. Lipstick smudges: Rub all over your teeth to prevent your lip stick for bleeding all over your teeth. A trick that is used in pageants (I learned it from Miss Congeniality)!!

8. Eyebrows: Apply to your brows just after hair removal to apply instant relief, or use it moisten the skin under you brows so you don’t see any flakeyness.

9. Prevent hair color from blending onto your forehead: Dab all over your hairline to keep the box dye form dying your forehead the color of your hairdo.

10. Cover Split Ends: hide damage ends with a small amount on your ends. You can also rub hairspray or Aragon oil onto your ends.

11. Exfoliant: Mix with some sea salt and use as a body wash and come out of the show having baby soft, shiny skin!

12. To make your accessories look brand new: Put a small dab on your shoes and shine away

13. Use it to remove the glue from your false eyelashes.

14. Shaving: Use it to soothe and smooth your skin right after shaving or waxing. I use baby oil, but this has the same affect.

15. Earrings: Apply a small amount to the stump of your earring to help lubricate your earlobes to make it easier to insert you earrings.

16. Halloween Pumpkin Carving: Rub Vaseline all over the exposed edges of your pumpkin, it helps to prevent it from rotting or drying so quickly.

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