My Hair Treatment

Most hair treatments are expensive, you can always go to Sephora or any store that sells hair care products and spend $30-50 on a hair mask. But for me kitchen ingredients are at the top of my list. Kitchen staples like olive oil, water, and eggs (which are usually in stock in most everyones kitchen), are easy to use and great on all hair types. If made in a certain way the hair mask can be luxurious like a spa treatment, and can be used in a regular hair care routine or once in a while.

photo 1

Olive oil and egg hair treatment help to restore your hair’s softness, and your hair will feel silkier and thicker, which will help to prevent hair breakage. You will notice your hair getting stronger and shinier with time. I have been using this treatment on my hair for about a 6 months now and I very curly frizzy hair, and by doing this to my hair every couple of weeks, I have notice the frizz slowly decreasing.

photo 2-2

There are several different hair treatment recipes using different amounts of olive oil and egg. Some recipes also include honey,vinegar, lemon juice, or just adding water to dilute the mixture a little enough to coat all of your hair.

I just use two eggs, and a little bit of olive about 2 tsp, sometimes I add water but usually only if I use one egg, and mix the ingredients completely together.

photo 3

Once you have your egg/oil mixture simply apply the treatment t your dry, combed (tangle free too make it easier to apply) hair and massage it into your scalp. Then tie your hair u and cover it with a shower cap or plastic bag and let it sit in your hair for about 15 to 30 min. Rinse it out with you normal shampoo routine (you may need to use extra shampoo and lathering to remove all the excess egg and oil from your hair.)

photo 4

(I don’t know why I look so excited, I have eggs in my hair :{ eek!)

ps: because eggs are perishable, and this mixture probably won’t store very well, I recommend only making this when you want to do a hair mask. I also advise not warming the mixture since it contains eggs, and if warm it could cook the egg. Also you are using oil so be careful in the shower it might get slippery.

Happy Hair Spa Treatments!!

I hope you enjoyed!

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