Clarisonic Review

I’ve been searching for a new deep cleansing way to clean my face, and I have heard a lot of good things about the Mia 2 Clarisonic, so I stopped by Ulta and purchased one. It’s a little pricey, $150, so I was a little hesitant to purchase it, but I decided that it was time to splurge on something that hopefully will be amazing for my skin. I’ve never had horrible skin, but it’s not perfect either, so I bought this to help clean out those spots on my face that are just so difficult to clean. I have heard so much from various peoples reviews about how this facial brush changed their life and all I kept thinking was “ok” until I started using one. My face has become so much softer and brighter since I started using this on my face.

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To use: first wash off or wipe off your makeup (I use Neutrogena makeup remover wipes), you don’t have to do this step but I feel like my face gets cleaner when the make up is off.  Next choose a good face wash. I use Cetaphil, its an inexpensive dermatologist recommended, gentle non irritating cleanser that you can pick up at pretty much any drug store. Any face wash will do, Philosophy facial cleanser seems to be a popular one.  Using some warm water wet your Clarisonic and apply your cleanser to the brush. As it’s doing its magic the Clarisonic will buff out your old skin and get deep into your pores. It increases circulation and gives the skin a good glow. Since it opens up your pores it allows any moisturizers you apply to your skin to absorb really well. It’s like your own personal spa at home!!

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When I purchased my Clarisonic at Ulta it came with a few accessories: A case to protect the device, a charger, and a travel bag with a clarisonic brand facial cleanser. I’m not sure if the travel bag comes with every Clarisonic purchase but It did at the Utla store I went to.

ps. This is just my personal opinion and experience with this product and I was not asked to do a product review. I just wanted to share my experience with using one. If you considering to invest in a Clarisonic is suggest that you read a few different product reviews before your purchase. This device may not be for everyone. I just personally love it!

My Hair Treatment

Most hair treatments are expensive, you can always go to Sephora or any store that sells hair care products and spend $30-50 on a hair mask. But for me kitchen ingredients are at the top of my list. Kitchen staples like olive oil, water, and eggs (which are usually in stock in most everyones kitchen), are easy to use and great on all hair types. If made in a certain way the hair mask can be luxurious like a spa treatment, and can be used in a regular hair care routine or once in a while.

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Olive oil and egg hair treatment help to restore your hair’s softness, and your hair will feel silkier and thicker, which will help to prevent hair breakage. You will notice your hair getting stronger and shinier with time. I have been using this treatment on my hair for about a 6 months now and I very curly frizzy hair, and by doing this to my hair every couple of weeks, I have notice the frizz slowly decreasing.

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There are several different hair treatment recipes using different amounts of olive oil and egg. Some recipes also include honey,vinegar, lemon juice, or just adding water to dilute the mixture a little enough to coat all of your hair.

I just use two eggs, and a little bit of olive about 2 tsp, sometimes I add water but usually only if I use one egg, and mix the ingredients completely together.

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Once you have your egg/oil mixture simply apply the treatment t your dry, combed (tangle free too make it easier to apply) hair and massage it into your scalp. Then tie your hair u and cover it with a shower cap or plastic bag and let it sit in your hair for about 15 to 30 min. Rinse it out with you normal shampoo routine (you may need to use extra shampoo and lathering to remove all the excess egg and oil from your hair.)

photo 4

(I don’t know why I look so excited, I have eggs in my hair :{ eek!)

ps: because eggs are perishable, and this mixture probably won’t store very well, I recommend only making this when you want to do a hair mask. I also advise not warming the mixture since it contains eggs, and if warm it could cook the egg. Also you are using oil so be careful in the shower it might get slippery.

Happy Hair Spa Treatments!!

I hope you enjoyed!

Diorskin nude bb cream

I love BB creams! I think that they are perfect to wear in the summer. I don’t really like wearing foundation in the summer it can make me feel like my face is heavy, and I can look tired throughout the day, so i use bb creams. They provide light coverage and have an airy feel on your face. But I have to say that out of all the ones I have tried Dior’s is my favorite. This is Dior’s second bb cream with SPF 10 so it moisturizes, smooths, and protects your skin, and it has great coverage. It feels like it’s a second skin. the texture is similar to a lightweight tinted moisturizer and the formula keeps your skin feeling hydrated all day, with no need for a touch up throughout the day. It also provides a natural dewy glow to your skin, and for my normal to oily skin type I don’t have to reapply this to my face throughout the day. It’s lightweight and build-able, and it’s pigmented but not heavy so it allows your skin to breathe. I also love the lightweight packaging of this product, and that it has a pump applicator. This will definitely be my go to beauty product for the summer, and if my skin might get a little shiny I can just apply my Urban Decay De-slick mattifying powder.

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Here is Sephora’s description of this product.

What it does:
– Multifunctional beauty balm to create a lustrous, flawless finish
– Features SPF 10 sun protection
– Comes in five shades

Diorskin Nude BB Crème provides the benefits of skincare and makeup in a fresh and airy formula. Enhanced with mineralized floral water and a blend of antioxidants, it moisturizes, smooths, protects, and corrects skin with sheer coverage. Available in expert shades to match every skintone, the complexion is illuminated with a unique fresh glow and dewy finish.

What else you need to know:
Beauty Balms or BB Creams were originally developed as a perfect post-procedure cream used to treat, hydrate, prime, protect, and camouflage the skin. Great for all skin types including those with sensitive skin, these versatile “five-in-one” formulas are designed to do it all: treat with high levels of active skincare ingredients; moisturize and smooth dehydrated skin; prime and perfect skin’s surface; camouflage and color correct the skintone; and protect skin from the sun with SPF. They can be used as a last step for their skincare benefits or used on their own as an instant beautifier.


ps. this is just my personal review and opinion of this product, and it might not work the same for you as it does for me.

Peaceful Peacock Painting

Hi!! I am feeling very creative today, so I decided to share another art piece with all of you today!! I’m starting to experiment with acrylic paint, so this is my first ready to see piece using paint. This is an exquisitely detailed peacock painting, what makes the detail even more neat is that I used puff paint to give this painting a little more depth, and give it a raised texture. The background has been painted using acrylic paint, yellow highlights accent the abstract painting.

Thank you for visiting!! let me know what you think!!

This painting is up on my Etsy shop and facebook page!

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Margherita Pizza

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for this particular recipe I used a redi-made dough from whole foods…I didn’t have time to actually make homemade dough like I usually do. But I love the dough from whole foods!!


  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon minced garlic
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
  • 4 roma tomatoes, chopped (best if chopped thinly, but not too thin)
  • 4 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 10 fresh basil leaves, washed, dried, then chopped
  • 1/4 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese
  • 1/4 cup crumbled feta cheese

to make the pizza:

  • mix together olive oil, garlic, salt and tomatoes. Let marinate for about 15 min.
  • preheat oven to 400.
  • brush each pizza crust with some of the tomato oil marinade.
  • sprinkle the pizzas with mozzarella cheeses.
  • place tomatoes on top of cheese, then sprinkle with shredded basil and bake for about 6 minutes
  • remove pizza from the over and sprinkle parmesan, and feta cheese.
  • bake 10-12 min or until slightly golden and bubbly!


The Little Mermaid

“To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to be loved by the person you love….is everything.”- Unknown

Tim Burtonized Ariel!! from the little mermaid!!

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This is a recreation of a drawing I found on pinterest. I just loved it so much I had to create a version of this for my wall!! The original artist is Evly-Chu