3 thoughts on “Art Practice

  1. Hi there! I saw this on my dashboard and saw that you wanted some feedback. I’m actually an art major, studying Integrated Studio Arts… I don’t know if you’ve had prior training at all or not but I think this is a really good start to your drawing. Something I have learned in school is not to be so precise in sketches. So, start your drawings out by being very loose and expressive, develop a style of your own. Be gestural to get the form down first, that would help when doing the wine glass for sure, for getting the ellipses at the top of the glass right. Then go in later once you have everything drawn in, and add your details and clean things up a bit. The proportions in the face are very good, everything looks pretty balanced there. But one thing I would recommend, like I said earlier, is to start out by really sketching, don’t be afraid to mess it up! That’s what erasers are for. If you have anymore questions, or ever want more feedback, don’t be afraid to ask! 🙂

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