Sebastion Potion No. 9

photo 1-2

I try to not use heating tools on my hair as much as possible, so I try to find different ways to tame my hair. I have thick, frizzy/curly/wavy hair, which makes it very difficult to tame, especially without the use of heated hair tools. I came across this product in the beauty section on pinterest, and I love it!! Seriously it’s amazing for my hair.

When I am feeling a little/kinda lazy in the morning, I coat my damp hair with this magical product and it dries into long curls! It tames my frizziness!!! Or, if I am not as lazy I coat my damp hair and give it a nice blowout, and it feels silky smooth. I still sometimes use my moroccan, argan oil, but this product has become my new love. It smells amazing, and gives my hair controlled frizz, and adds body and shine.

You can buy this product at some select Target stores, I bought it off of amazon here is the link.

Sebastian potion 9 from amazon

photo 2-2

p.s. this is my personal opinion about this product. I wasn’t asked to review this product. If you try this product let me know what you think!

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