Sweater Weather

Fall is the best time of year! The leaves are changing and falling, and not to mention it’s the start of sweater weather, which is my favorite part of fall/winter! The soft cozy sweaters, crisp winds, beautiful leaves, and boots… I love wearing my boots with knee high socks! Cashmere, chunky cables, vintage varsity, stripes, and layers..are cute, warm, and comfy to get me through this years fall season. Pair your sweater with leggings, or skinny jeans and your favorite pair of boots, and accessorize with some cute chunky jewelry or a scarf and you are all set to head out!! Have fun and don’t forget that it’s ok to layer!!

photo 1-5-2

photo 2-4-2

photo 1-6-2

“My favorite time of the year is when the fall’s already here. than I’ll put on my warm over knees and we cuddle extremely near. the smell of cinnamon and hot chocolate laying on the sofa my head on your chest i feel the heat floating to me and i can hear you heart beating just for me”- Unknown

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