Glam Glow Review

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Glam Glow super-mud clearing treatment is my new beauty/spa obsession. I was browsing on Pinterest and I say pretty gross/cool photo of a nose covered in gray stuff with brown spots on it. My first thought was eww…but I decided to click on the link and I read that the brown spots were blackheads coming out of the pores of the nose, and this brave women (who shared a picture of her blackheads) was using this product called Glam Glow. I noticed that I had a couple of blackheads on my nose, I thought hey what could it hurt, so I went to Sephora and asked if they had this product, and you can get a sample if you ask the girls! I tried it and it worked!!! I could see my pores shrinking, so I went back and bought the full jar. It’s a little pricey about $70, but I think thats it worth it and to me it’s literally a miracle in a jar.

Your jar will last you a while, you only need a thin layer and the gunk built up in your skin will really pull through the mask. Make sure you start with a clean face, and use a cleanser. When you first apply the mud mask it is a deep gray color with some fine exfoliating flecks in it. You can apply the mask to your whole face, but I use it as a spot treatment for my nose, since that seems to be the only place that needs deep clean on my face. After you apply a thin layer of the mask, stand back and watch the magic happen…Once you apply it your skin should feel tingly…it’s not a omg-my-face-is-on-fire tingly, but a cooling and refreshing tingly. You should start to see brown spots on the places where you applied the mask, and it turn a blueish gray and harden. I leave my mask on for about 20 minutes.

Use a cool damp washcloth (to close the pores) and rub the mask off with some pressure in tiny circles, rinsing the cloth as necessary. Once you removed all of the mask, I would say about a good 90% of your clogged pores should have been removed. My pores look smaller, and free of impurities. Say goodbye to those painful Biore pore strips and say hello to Glam Glow, it can really help you fight one of the most vicious beauty battles!!

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This is just my personal feelings of this product and I advise that you try it out first to see if you like it. I would love to hear how this product worked for you, or if you have any other skin secrets!

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