The perfect detox bath

Sometimes we all need a little TLC. When I need some pampering, or I just want to get gorgeous, I love to have fun doing an at-home detox spa treatment. I love detox baths, I feel amazing and replenished, especially after those stressful school days!! The great thing about a good DIY bath is that it costs very little, and most of the items or products you already have at home. Every couple of weeks for about 40 minutes, I sit in a hot bath to draw out toxins, lower my stress levels and hormones, and balance my pH levels. I’ve put together some steps that I find to be the perfect detox bath, for an easy DIY spa night that will have you feeling serene!!


1. Prepare your bath for a day that you have at least 40 minutes available. You need about 40 minutes because you need at least 20 minutes to help your body remove the toxins, and another 20 minutes for your body to absorb the minerals in the water.

2. Fill your tub with hot water (at a comfortable temperature)

3. While your tub is filling add epsom salt and baking soda to your bath. About 2 cups of the epsom salt, and about 1-2 cups of baking soda is all you will need.

  • Epsom salts help to replenish the bodies magnesium level, combating hypertension. The sulfate in the salt flushes toxins and helps form proteins in the brain tissues and joints. Epsom salt is inexpensive and can be purchased at most stores, or pharmaceutical area. If you would like a large bag you can buy them at any garden center.
  • Baking soda helps to cleanse the body and has anti-fungal properties. It also leaves the skin very soft. You can buy it in any baking isle at your local grocery store.

photo 2-3-4

4. Add your aromatherapy oils. This is optional, but I add them because I love the fragrance they give to my bath, and some oils have particular therapeutic properties to take advantage of to make your bath an even more pleasant and relaxing experience. Around 20 drops is sufficient for a standard bath. Oils such as lavender and jasmine are used to soothe and relax, while oils such as tea tree oil or eucalyptus are used to assist in the detoxification process.

  • You can use fresh herbs if you prefer. Lavender flowers and chamomile are for soothing, mint leaves are for warming, or you can add anything else that you like.

5. Now its time to soak!! 40 minutes is recommended (but the longer the better), if you can’t last that long at least aim for 20 minutes. You should start sweating within the first few minutes. If you feel too hot, start adding cold water into the tub until you cool off. But don’t add too much cold water, remember you want to sweat in order to detox.

6. Get out of the tub carefully, your body has been working hard and you are probably going to get lightheaded or feel weak and drained. Hop in the shower and take a cool shower to cool down your body temperature. Remember to be careful because your body is still weak and detoxing from your bath. Make sure to stand with care.

7. Drink lots of water. When your body detoxes (especially after this type of bath), you need to flush out the toxins. If you don’t stay hydrated you will likely feel sick afterwards.

Some tips to making your bath even more enjoyable:

  • Light some candles, play some soothing music, and turn off the lights and relax.
  • Make sure you don’t fill your bath with water that’s too hot, you can pass out.
  • Don’t eat immediately before or after your bath, but remember to stay hydrated and drink lots of water before, during, and after your bath.
  • Dry brush your entire body before the bath. It gets rid of dead skin cells, and helps with circulation of your lymph nodes. Your lymph system is basically the garbage system of your body, and by brushing your body, it is beneficial in helping to get rid of any additional toxins that might not be sweated out.
  • Don’t let your hair fall into the water it will feel heavy and like hay. Instead you might want to deep condition your hair and wrap it in a towel or turban while your soaking in your bath. You can kill two birds with one stone!!! and who doesn’t love that.

Now sit back and relax!!!!!

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