Things to know before you get ombre Hair

Now I have never colored my hair before, so I had a lot of back and forth before I decided that it was time for a change. I love the ombre hair style that has been a trend in hair for a while, so I decided that this is what I wanted my hair change to be. I did a lot of research on it and here are some of the helpful things I learned beforehand, for those of you considering to embrace the trend. (ps I am not a stylist and I have not beauty training, this is just some things that I found helpful. šŸ™‚

  • Choose inspirational photos: when I got my hair done I used these photos as inspiration. My hair is about the same length as all of these, and my natural hair color is very dark brown so close to the dark parts on these photos. My advice is to tell the stylist exactly what you like about the photo so that the colors can be matched as closely as possible. I didn’t want my hair to be too blonde and more of a warm honey instead, and since it was my first time coloring my hair I wanted my hair to look more natural and subtle so I had ombre highlights instead of the whole hair ombre. Remember that your hair will never look exactly like your photo, every hair and person is different.

photo 1-2

photo 2-2

  • Know your hair foundation: if you have had your hair colored before, and your roots are now showing, I suggest you have your hair an even all over color, which might make this process a little more pricey. Now if you are like me and you start with your natural color on top and want to keep it that way your cost will be lower and the process probably won’t be as long. Here are my before and after photos!! I know my ombre is a bit subtle but I don’t think I am quite so adventurous to get the full hair ombre look, and i’m not sure my parents would be too thrilled if I did…lol. Sorry about the lighting.

photo 3-5

  • How it’s done: I’m not a stylist so I don’t want to explain the process and get it all wrong, but here is a link if you want to know the process and steps to get ombre hairstyle!!

Ombre hair technique

  • Damage: I haven’t experienced this, but I know a couple people who have had some damage due to the ombre. The bleached areas were a little rough and in California where the sun can be a little intense, mixed with salt water from the beach can leave your ombre hair a little damaged. So make sure you manage it, and go to the salon regularly if you start to see any damage.
  • If you want to get rid of it: I love love my hair, so I probably will keep it for a while, but if this look is just not for you, getting rid of if might be a bit of a process. To get rid of the ombre takes more time, money, and color than it takes to get the look, and might cause more damage to your hair. I don’t know the exact process to die it back but I imagine it would probably be a process.

All in all I say that this hairstyle is a commitment, and you should take some serious thought before you decide. If you do decided and like me are scared of going all the way, I suggest ombre highlights. They are subtle, and beautiful and is a good way to ease yourself into this hairstyle!!


2 thoughts on “Things to know before you get ombre Hair

  1. Great tips on inspirational photos! My mom was a hair stylist and it’s hard sometimes for them to envision what you’re looking for. You should post a picture with the new hair color! It’s hard to see in the photo you posted.

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